Below are some of my Client Testimonials:

By: Danis - Ancaster

I was a first time home buyer in a red hot housing market which proved extremely difficult to find the right home. Wendy was lovely to work with both on a personal and professional level and was able to help me out with all the questions I had and gave the right advice when I didn't know any better. Every step of the way she was able to guide me during the long process of choosing a home, not to mention navigating all the bumps in the road we encountered (including a pandemic!). One of the most important things I've learned during this time was that buying a home has many different nuances beyond checking all the boxes. One thing that stood out the most to me was when we saw a listing that was perfect on paper. Checked all the boxes that I was looking for and for a great price with all the bells and whistles, but for some reason I couldn't explain, I just had a feeling that this particular home wasn't the right one. That same evening Wendy gave me a call and confirmed my feeling by telling me that she didn't think that home was the right fit for me despite having all the requirements checked off! I was so glad to hear this and to know that Wendy wasn't just helping me to buy a home, but the RIGHT home, however long it may take. Thanks to her, I am now the owner of my first home that I couldn't be happier with. Thank you Wendy for all your hard work. You will definitely be the first and only person I will recommend to friends and family looking to buy or sell their home.

By: Ara and Sonali - Mississauga

We were introduced to Wendy through a mutual friend back in 2019 and after our first meeting we were immediately impressed by her organizational skills, attention to detail and honesty. Looking for prospective homes was always met with care and thought, being considerate of our time and energies especially with two young kids. Wendy was always patient and genuinely looked out for our best interests. We ultimately found a beautiful home for our family and were able to sell our home within just a few hours of listing; all this during a global pandemic! Providing us with home staging, floor plans and professional photography when selling our home made the whole process much easier for us. Wendy has such a wonderful personality, funny, and light hearted, a real pleasure to work with. We will not hesitate to recommend her to our friends and family or to anyone looking to buy or sell. Thank you Wendy!

By: Sean - Burlington

I cannot have been more impressed with how Wendy assisted me to find my desired property and eventual move into the Burlington area. Wendy actually hand wrote letters to possible prospective sellers in the complex that I was hoping to move into and would not rest until an opportunity came up. She showed an extreme amount of patience, she researched and answered every possible question I would ask. Her positivity and knowledge made the experience smooth and seamless and at no point did I feel any pressure or stress even at the point when we submitted and negotiated our offer with the seller. Wendy knows the Burlington area inside and out and was always able to answer any question regarding the neighborhood with a knowledgeable quick response. No matter day or night Wendy could be reached and would return calls or texts within minutes. Thank you again Wendy!

By: Heather & Don - Oakville/Burlington

Not only is Wendy an amazing agent she is an amazing person who will make you feel like you are going through the process with a long-time friend! There was a lot of stress in our decision to move and Wendy helped us every step of the way. She provided a realistic and honest assessment of what she felt our house would sell for and it sold in the range she provided. Wendy also helped us through the difficult process of finding a new house that fit our budget and needs in a very specific area with a fast-moving market. She is incredibly organized and made us feel like we were a priority always. Wendy walked us through the sale and purchase of our homes start to finish and was there to answer every question we had always going above and beyond. The listing pictures, video, and marketing brochures were of the highest quality and our home looked beautiful. Wendy also went around our entire neighbourhood door knocking and meeting neighbours to tell them about our listing. When Wendy was away on vacation she was still dealing with the sale of our home with no delay and would arrange for another trusted agent to take us to see homes knowing how fast-moving the market was. She kept us organized throughout the move, provided recommendations and helped resolve any hiccups that arose in the process. Wendy has the highest integrity and honesty and we never felt rushed or pressured to make a decision. I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone looking to buy or sell their home not only is she our agent she has become a wonderful friend.

By: Sid and Hanane - Burlington

We met Wendy at an Open House in Burlington. We owned houses before and kind of knew what we are looking for and are familiar with the process. We used agents before and know the value an agent can add to a buyer, whether first-timer or former homeowner. What sets Wendy apart from everyone else we met is that she genuinely cared about us. She is not a salesperson, but more of a friend who really wants to help. Wendy showed us houses we felt met some of our requirements, and even though we were open to considering them as potentials, she opened our eyes to deficiencies that we could not otherwise see. She was more interested in finding us the right home than in closing a sale. Another thing we liked about Wendy is that she strives and goes the extra mile. In multiple occasions, Wendy shuffled her schedule to show us houses in different areas. We had no issues reaching out to her despite her busy schedule. She is extremely responsive, something many home hunters would really appreciate about their agent especially when timing is of the essence. Finally, Wendy had a value-add network of mortgage broker, inspectors, lawyers… many we ended up using even though we had our own we used in the past. We highly recommend Wendy with no reservation.

By: Gabe & Laura - Grimsby

As first time home buyers, we were very confused and nervous about the entire process. Wendy was wonderful to work with. She was very professional, knowledgeable and honest. Every step of the process she walked us through and made the experience seamless. We were able to trust Wendy 100% and she quickly became our go to person for literally everything. I think we were a bit too needy, but she was very resourceful and found an answer to every question or concern we came across. She was extremely prompt to get back to every e-mail, text message and to schedule viewings for us. We are actually not sure if she ever sleeps. We would e-mail her about a house in the middle of the night and be able to go see it the next morning. We even stopped and went in to see a house we were just driving by. We saw the “for sale” sign and she was able to get us in right away. She truly made us feel like her priority. We came to appreciate Wendy even more after we heard some horror stories from our friends. They were missing opportunities to see many homes because their real estate agent was just not available or took too long to reply. That never happened with us. Because of Wendy, we were able to find our dream house in a few weeks and we could not be happier. We will definitely work with her in the future and she will be recommended to everyone.

By: Corey & Jessica - Waterdown

Wendy was absolutely amazing to work with. Professional, knowledgeable, but above all, honest. When we first met with Wendy, before ever agreeing to use her as an agent, she sat with us for hours in the evening at her office, to explain the process from A-Z (we were first time home buyers, and knew nothing). Without any commitment from us, she took the time to go through everything; the market, the process when making an offer, securing a mortgage, all the way down to how the inspection works once you make an offer. She could have easily saved many of these items for future discussion, after we decided to go with her, but instead she wanted to make sure we knew what we were doing. From that point on, we were in excellent hands. Wendy would meet us at any time, with last second notice, to visit homes. We were terrible with responding to her in a timely manner, and terrible at deciding on appt dates/time (changing them on her, constantly), and terrible at getting there on time... but she never complained. She always made us feel like a priority. When it came time for the purchase, we were up against another buyer who had just given an offer and given the seller 3 hours to decide (unheard of). Wendy dropped everything to counter with our offer, in person. She then sat outside the sellers house, in her car, until 11pm, running in and out, as we negotiated. We won! Wendy will go above and beyond to make sure you find and land the right house for you, your situation, and your budget. She will tell you the unvarnished truth along the way. She will treat you like a friend. You will feel at ease... even if you had no idea what you were doing.

By: Jill and Ed - Oakville

We both knew when we first met Wendy that she would be listing our house. She is honest, pleasant, attentive and knew the area Market well as she lived in our neighbourhood. She arranged for staging, pictures and a video by professional people. The MLS listing was well written and she ran everything by us before it went on-line. We were both very impressed with the quality brochures for the potential buyers. The whole experience went like clock work and was completed with in 1 week.

By: Lucie Cote - Burlington

I was in a very dire situation which I won't expand on but call it a Godsend or karma whatever you believe in when I met Wendy. She not only did everything possible to sell my house in a more than acceptable time frame at a time when the market was slow but she also helped me in every way possible to get me through one of the most painful periods in my life. She went way beyond the call of duty to simplify the situation and make the situation bearable for me. I will be forever grateful to have come across such a wonderful professional but also such a compassionate human being. She is truly a major asset to anyone she works for and works with. Ethical is an understatement!! Thank you Wendy.....

By: Nan & Mo - Burlington

Thank you so much for all your support and guidance through this big journey of home buying! We appreciate your regular availability, your connections and all necessary people we felt we could trust and their expertise. But, mostly your lovely and genuine personality. You made this a fun and enjoyable experience. Sincerely, Nan & Mo

By: Chrissy Gauthier - Binbrook

My first contact with Wendy was speaking to her on the phone. I felt her experience and professionalism right away and was confident that she would have my back in helping me find the right fit to lease my townhouse - she did not disappoint. When we first went into my townhouse to get the ad ready with photographs for the MLS website, she made me feel proud that my house was as nice as I always knew it was. She was surprised that it was a rental with all the upgrades and nice appliances I have. I knew she’d find me someone that was deserving and would care for the house as I would expect. Wendy was always there and on time with appointments and did the necessary back ground checks required to find the right fit. Her compassion and dedication were eminent and I felt very comfortable without any hesitation that I had no worries she would pull through for me. I have a lovely young family living in my townhouse now, that love it as much as I did when I lived there. Thank you Wendy for giving me the confidence to trust that you would come through for me.

By: Mike & Christina - Hamilton/Burlington

From the moment we met her, Wendy has always been upfront, honest, genuine, and acted with our best interests in mind. We had never worked with a realtor before, and had no idea what to expect as we started the journey of selling our first home (it had been purchased directly from a builder). Wendy was there to help us every step of the way and, even amid market uncertainties, she helped us sell our property in less than a week, for a fantastic price. She put together an amazing listing, and went above and beyond to market our property. When it came to purchasing our new home, Wendy found us exactly what we were looking for! As we searched for the perfect property, she was always available (even on short notice), and easily accommodated our busy schedules. She was knowledgeable and patient, and there was never any pressure – but at the same time, she was always on top of things, and provided us with honest advice about the best actions to take in critical moments. We have recommended Wendy to our friends and family, and would recommend her services to anyone seeking a genuine, knowledgeable, and sensitive realtor in the Hamilton/Burlington/Oakville area. Thank you again Wendy, we are so grateful for your hard work, professionalism, and above all else, your support and kindness.

By: Mr. Johnson - Milton

I was in a very tight situation, where I needed to move out and find another place all within one month. Wendy was referred to me by a good friend and was able to help me, not only find a place within my budget, but also found me a beautiful little home!!! I look forward to working with her again when I search for my next home!

By: Tim Hogarth - President & CEO, The Pioneer Group Inc.

Wendy was my Executive Assistant at Pioneer Energy for ten years prior to her real estate career. Not only did Wendy provide invaluable support to me on the business front but also on a personal level. She is extremely professional, reliable, always positive, cheerful and caring. Above all, Wendy’s integrity and loyalty are paramount. Furthermore, Wendy has proven herself to be a leader and works very well on her own and in team settings. Wendy’s dynamic personality was an absolute pleasure to have around our office. I was very proud to have Wendy work by my side for ten years and fully supported her decision to pursue an exciting new career direction in real estate sales. This will be an exceptional opportunity for Wendy to grow and challenge herself in a career she feels very passionate about and I have no doubt that she will be extremely successful! I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone considering her to represent them in a residential real estate transaction.